Mountain Training MOU

Mountain training MOU
Benefit from the ideal location of the Heliport Balzers to the gate of the Eastern Alps

From Heliport Balzers 11 mountain landing pads can be reached in only 20 minutes flight time and you can start and land on 365 days from 6 am to 10 pm, an important benefit for the efficient mountain training.

Switzerland offers 42 mountain landing pads from 4’730 feet (1’440 m above sea level) up into the eternal ice to Europe’s highest helipad at 13’520 feet (4’120 m above sea level).

This demanding additional training should be the goal of every helicopter pilot. It is not for nothing that the addition MOU(H) in the license is considered the crowning achievement of pilot training. For helicopter owners: With us you can complete this training with your private helicopter!

Mountain training MOU(H)

You will learn from our experienced mountain flight instructor how the right flight tactics result from wind and weather assessment together with the performance of the aircraft. 200 landings between 1’100 and 4’120 m above sea level on different mountain landing sites give you the necessary and solid routine for mountain flights.

We follow your schedule so that you can complete the mountain training efficiently.

Requirements / Training
  • Specific mountain theory instruction approx. 5 – 10 hours
  • 50 landings up to 2’000 m above sea level
  • 150 landings on 20 different mountain landing pads, including 50 landings on mountain landing pads of over 2’700 m above sea level
Time frame
  • 20 – 30 flight hours depending on the pilot and expertise

After completing this additional training you will face the challenges of helicopter flying safely and confidently.

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