Retraining / Type Ratings

Retraining R44 and R66 Turbine

The Valair Flight School offers retraining on the R44 Helicopter as well as on the R66 Turbine Helicopter. Type Rating (TR) can only be performed by a flight instructor checked out by Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC).


PPL(H) or CPL(H) license

Training programme (theoretical part)
  • Basic course
  • Aircraft knowledge
  • Limitations
  • Differences R44 / R66
  • Flight performance and flight planning
  • Emergency procedures
Training programme (practical part)

For the first retraining to a turbine helicopter, a minimum of 5 flight hours plus examination flight must be expected in accordance with JAR-FCL 2. If the pilot already has a turbine entry and also flight experience on the R44, then approx. 2 flight hours plus test flight are required. The examination flight takes place with an expert (TRE) of the FOCA and lasts almost one hour.


The type rating is valid for one year and can be renewed before expiry by means of the Proficiency Check.


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