About us

Mission statement

Founded in 1992, we offer professional helicopter services, including acting as general representatives of Robinson Helicopters USA in Switzerland. We primarily operate in niche markets, both in Switzerland and abroad. Our staff are also shareholders.
Our range of services and our strengths are:

  • Flexibility and quick reaction times
  • Punctuality
  • Expertise in specialist fields such as the use of high-tech cameras and search systems
  • Clear conditions
  • Excellent value for money thanks to state-of-the-art equipment
  • Personal assistance

In all of our dealings, we always strive to find new activities through our expertly trained staff and to secure future success through fair pricing policies and by maintaining close relationships with our clients.

Safety first

A helicopter flight is always a special occasion – for the aircraft, for the pilots and for the passengers. The margin of error is very small – even the smallest mistake can have fatal consequences. The detailed media coverage of any accident involving a helicopter is clear evidence of this. As a company that is completely dedicated to helicopter aviation, we concentrate on establishing a safety-focussed company culture. We strive to constantly scrutinise our own behaviour and to discuss all safety-related aspects of our work.

Within the framework of our company organisation, our aim is to not even allow dangers to arise in the first place or, where this is not possible, take a conscious approach to dealing with them.


Valair Helicopters has obtained a series of licences and certifications to ensure your safety and the safety of our passengers.

AOC Air Operator Certificate

The AOC is a certificate of approval for an aviation company issued by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) for the commercial operation of helicopter flights, including passenger flights, tours, taxi flights, capture of aerial film footage and photographic material, inspection flights and general work flights. It allows the company to conduct these operations worldwide.

AOC Air Operator Certificate

CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

CAMO signifies an organisation that satisfies certain organisational guidelines for continuously inspecting and maintaining the airworthiness of their aircraft. The specifications are defined by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA; see EASA 2042/2003 Part M Subpart G). A CAMO monitors and reviews all maintenance and servicing work carried out on a helicopter specified by the manufacturer or by the aviation authorities and contracts a maintenance company to carry out the work. In addition to this, the maintenance programme’s reliability is continuously monitored.

CAMO Approval Certificate


A CAMO Plus organisation is a CAMO that is also authorised to carry out and certify Airworthiness Reviews for aircraft. This includes checking whether the maintenance specifications from the manufacturer or from the aviation authorities as well as the organisation’s own guidelines have been fulfilled and whether the aircraft can be classified as airworthy, both in legal and actual terms. This assessment is carried out or repeated every 12 months. Upon passing the inspection, the CAMO issues a new ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate) for their own aircraft, or makes a recommendation to the relevant aviation authority to do so (in the case of aircraft that are not subjected to the daily checks carried out by the CAMO). All aircraft that are maintained by a CAMO must be serviced in accordance with a maintenance and servicing programme stipulated by the manufacturer. See EASA 2042/2003 Part M Subpart I for more information.

CAMO Approval Certificate

EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation

A Part 145 maintenance organisation is certified in accordance with EASA regulations to carry out maintenance and servicing work on aircraft. It thus fulfils all organisational requirements.

Part 145 Approval Certificate


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