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Helicopter pilot training

Valair flight school offers you professional helicopter training with highest standards. Ideally situated at the Heliport in Balzers, we not only offer you attractive pricing models, but also unique location-based advantages. As a renowned helicopter operator with years of experience in commercial flight operations, official Robinson helicopter dealership and its own maintenance facility (CAMO+) we are your perfect partner for flight training on all levels.

Our services are always customer focused with personal support and consultation, highly qualified flight instructors with a corresponding track record, transparent and fair prices, as well as meticulously maintained helicopters.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to set up an informal meeting.


We offer the following initial and advanced flight trainings for helicopters:

Theoretical courses can be conducted at Helicopter School Association (HSA) with a wide variety of online trainings. Further training providers can be organized on request.

All our courses are offered on the following helicopter types with modern instrumentation:

  • R44 Raven II
  • R66 Turbine
Flugschule Ausbildungen

Training courses

Obtaining a helicopter pilot license is a one-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the best decisions to make. Due to the significant costs involved it is however important to make this decision based on facts and after having given it some of thought. It is very important to choose the training organization that fits your needs and to maintain an open and constructive dialog with your flight instructor. This will ensure that you reach your goals in an efficient manner and that the training is perceived positively.

To take a decision as to what flight school to choose, the following points should be carefully evaluated and prioritized:

Personal goals
-Billing according to effective flight time vs. rotor time
-Costs flight instructor
-Training areas
-Mountain landing sites
-Landing fees
Flight instructor
-Industry network
Helicopter type
-Number of helicopters of the same type across the country
-Long-term usability to avoid further costly type ratings
Flight school
-Charter options
-Availability of helicopters

Valair is a member of the HSA

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