Scenic flights – useful information


We exclusively fly with professional pilots, who guarantee you a safe and enjoyable flight thanks to their professionalism, expertise and routine. We fly all year round, every season has its own charms and wonderful days for flying can be found at any time.

Intermediate stops can be made on any flights longer than 60 minutes and do not cost you any extra.

Vouchers are available for the whole helicopter or single seats. When buying a voucher for an individual seat, we take over coordinating the flight dates with the other passengers.

Call our operations management team on 071 422 20 20, tell us about your ideas and we’ll take care of the rest.

Off-airfield landings

We have been granted a general licence for making off-airfield landings by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA), this covers landings below 1,100 metres not made on official airfields. This means that we are able to start and land wherever you are, to surprise someone or to stop at a restaurant along the way. If you want to make an off-field landing, please bear the following points in mind:

  • The perfect landing site is a freshly-mown lawn, approximately 20m x 20m.
  • The area must be free of cables or other obstacles.
  • The landowner must have given their consent for the landing.
  • If the site is in a heavily-populated area, we will take care of getting landing permission from the local authorities for you. If any fees should be incurred, we will charge these on to you at a 1:1 rate.

We are happy to help you look for a suitable landing site.

What to take with you on a flight

  • A camera or video camera with fresh batteries so that you can capture the experience.
  • Sunglasses, so that your view of the scenic panorama is not affected by dazzling sunlight.
  • For flights to the mountains (glacier landings), we recommend wearing sturdy shoes, a warm jacket, gloves, a scarf or a hat.
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