29. October 2019

R66 Turbine worldwide fleet reaches 1 million flight hours

As of today, more than 960 Robinson R66 Turbine helicopters roam the skies worldwide and have just passed the milestone of reaching 1 million flight hours. During this time not a single engine failure has been registered, making it one of the most reliable turbine helicopters on the market. Cost efficiency, reliability and the high […] Read more
29. October 2019

Claude Vuichard successfully completed the R66 type rating

Claude Vuichard, who served as an inspector for the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) for 25 years, competed the R66 type rating with Valair. Claude, who also flew members of Swiss federal council for many years, is the inventor the famous Vuichard-Recovery-Technique to escape from the hazardous vortex ring state. We are very […] Read more
13. August 2019

Laser measurement flights for three dimensional Swiss elevation model

Since mid-July our R66 HB-ZTL is performing measurement flights in Ticino. The R66 is equipped with a high-resolution laser scanner (LIDAR). A rotating laser-scanner scans the underlying terrain and, by measuring the run time, determines the elevation above ground. From the wealth of collected data, a high-resolution digital elevation model for swisstopo is derived. The […] Read more
8. May 2019

Sunrise on the glacier

Who doesn’t want to experience a sunrise like this? You came to the right place. Valair can fulfil this highlight from Balzers. Right on time for the magnificent sunrise (or also sunset if you prefer), we land on the glacier and enjoy the break of dawn of a new day. Depending on the season we […] Read more
15. March 2019

With the R66 in the eternal ice in Greenland

Valair completed an unusual flight order with the R66 in Greenland. Pilot Matthias Vogt, the Liechtenstein native stationed in Iceland. We would like to share these gorgeous impressions with you. He flew from Reykjavik via Isafjörour to the Nerlerit Inaat airfield (Jameson Land) on Greenland. Icy temperatures of over -30°C showed that the R66 is […] Read more
13. February 2019

Special winter experience with taxi flights

As well at this time of the year we have special highlights. At the end of January there were some flights to the WEF in Davos. Always exciting even for our experienced pilots. Have you always dreamed of an extraordinary skiing experience? Catch the opportunity now. With the helicopter on the ski arena! From February […] Read more
24. September 2018

Advanced Training for our Pilots

The Emergency and Safety Equipment Training (ESET) is compulsory for AOC pilots and must be refreshed every 3 years. Thanks to the extensive-experience in professional fire brigade of our employee Fredy Weibel Valair was able to complete the course internally. The objective was the following: Gain practical experience with all types of fire extinguishers and […] Read more
10. September 2018

Robinson Premiere – Overflight of a R66 turbine from California to Balzers

A novelty in the history of Swiss aviation and big eyes at Robinson Helicopter Company in Torrance (California). At the Robinson plant in Torrance, USA, it is common to package helicopters in multiple boxes and ship overseas to be reassembled in certified Robinson Maintenance operations before being handed over to the customer. It took a […] Read more
13. August 2018

“Pipeline Inspection” in Portugal

Gas-Pipeline Inspection flight in Portugal: 1’475 km Pipeline have been “leakages-checked” The overflight with R44 II HB-ZJL from Balzers to Lisbon took 10.5 hours with 4 refuelling stops. The inspection flights in Portugal laid us from south to north and from the Atlantic Sea shore to the border to Spain Demanding flight preparation Gas pipeline […] Read more
4. June 2018

Scenic flight through the Alps with glacier landing and aperitif

The aperitif on the glacier is offered by Valair AG. Please follow this link here for additional informations about the panoramic flight. Take profit from our offer valid until end of August 2018 – we look forward to welcoming you soon!   Read more
30. May 2018

R22 Overhaul after 2200hrs / 12 years

Robinson helicopters are completely overhauled when reaching 2200hrs or 12 years. This process includes all components installed beeing overhauled. The input strands (e.g., gearboxes, engine, clutch, etc.) are sent to the US manufacturer, Robinson Helicopter and overhauled there. In addition to the complete disassembly of the helicopter Valair AG carries out further full examination e.g. […] Read more
20. March 2018

The move to the new Heliport has been completed!

Visit our new premises at the Heliport Balzers It was not always easy to prepare everything for the move and carry it out during the brisk day-to-day business. We are very happy indeed that we moved into our new domicile at the beginning of 2018. Our new base ideally located at the gateway to the […] Read more
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