The giants of the Swiss Alps

From Säntis to the Matterhorn. This tour takes you across Switzerland, showing you nearly all of the three and four-thousand metre high summits that the country has to offer.

“A fantastic experience!” That’s what our passengers say after this scenic flight. Traversing Switzerland from east to south-west, the canton of Valais awaits us with the Matterhorn as its climax.

This tour takes us past almost all of the top highlights among the Swiss Alps – glaciers, lakes and villages and a guarantee of passing by at least ten mountains over 4,000 metres high. Every valley and every mountain massif has its own special charm. We’ll take you straight to nature’s hidden treasures that you’ve never seen like this before. A lunch stop with a view of the Bernese or the Valais Alps as you desire. The only thing that you need for this experience is time, plenty of time. It’s best to set aside a whole day for it!

Flight time: 157min
Time needed: 5-6h

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