5. February 2020

Heli Expo 2020 in Anaheim California

The magneto circuits will soon be in the past
The magneto circuits will finally be replaced by an electrical system. This field kit will soon be available for all Robinson Helicopters.

Onboard camera
In the future, all Robinson Helicopters will be outfitted with an onboard camera system in 4K quality and a storage capacity of 5 flight hours. This will allow recordings of flights for passengers and friends. The onboard camera will also be available as a field kit.

UMS for new helicopters
Newly available is the option to integrate an engine monitoring system (UMS) for the Robinson’s R22 and R44 helicopters (already standard in the R66).

Impact-resistant windshield
The new windshield is designed to deflect a two-pound bird at 90 knots in an R22 and 100 knots in an R44 or R66. “It’s made of polyurethane. It replaces the acrylic that’s in the windshield.” Robinson showed a video in which the windshield deflected from the impact of a simulated bird strike, then rebounded without shattering or cracking. The new windshield is a $6,800 option that adds only one or two pounds of weight to the helicopter.

R66 Step
The step for the R66 can be attached varaibly to the envelopes. It serves as a boarding aid and can be attached to the front or back.

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