18. January 2017

Our HB-ZTL at the WEF in Davos

VIP transfers with the Robinson R66 Turbine – more comfortable than any Super Puma

A state of emergency was declared for the Swiss military and helicopter companies during the week of the WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos. Wide-scale restrictions are in place for the airspace around Davos and comprehensive security measures have been implemented. Unfortunately, it is precisely in these times were terrorist attacks are prevalent that such measures are necessary.

Robinson R66 Turbine HB-ZTL at Heliport Davos during WEF

Flights to the WEF can only be carried out by accredited operators. Being accredited means that the crew – in our case, the pilots – and the helicopters are inspected by security authorities. Complex procedures have to be observed in order to be allowed to land in Davos. The passengers also have to be reviewed by the authorities and the flight cannot take place before positive clearance has been given.

The week of the WEF is very exciting for us with rapidly changing enquiries, complex procedures and interesting passengers, who often do not behave like the VIPs that they really are.

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