13. August 2018

“Pipeline Inspection” in Portugal

Gas-Pipeline Inspection flight in Portugal: 1’475 km Pipeline have been “leakages-checked”

The overflight with R44 II HB-ZJL from Balzers to Lisbon took 10.5 hours with 4 refuelling stops.

The inspection flights in Portugal laid us from south to north and from the Atlantic Sea shore to the border to Spain

Demanding flight preparation

Gas pipeline inspection was made for the first time with a Helicopter –  accordingly the flight preparation was demanding.  Securing the requisite permits traversing control zones: e.g. International Airport Lisbon,  restricted Military Zones as well as NATO Training Zones and special requisite permits to enter Prohibited Aereas.

Valair-Crew was happy the gas pipeline inspection successfully took place before forest fire season started.


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