30. May 2018

R22 Overhaul after 2200hrs / 12 years

Robinson helicopters are completely overhauled when reaching 2200hrs or 12 years. This process includes all components installed beeing overhauled.

The input strands (e.g., gearboxes, engine, clutch, etc.) are sent to the US manufacturer, Robinson Helicopter and overhauled there. In addition to the complete disassembly of the helicopter Valair AG carries out further full examination e.g. NDT on frames, control rods, landing gear and other items.

After several weeks of overhaul working perfomance the R22 is almost brand new with a new engine and the latest EASA compliant avionics. The R22 is newly equipped with a bladder tank.

The Bladder tank is made of a kind of rubber bag (Bladder) which increases the safety against leaking fuel. Robinson Helicopter recommends replacing the tanks accordingly on all helicopters with conventional tanks.

We would like to express our client our gratitude for the trust placed in us and we wish pleasant flight.


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