28. October 2016

The HB-ZJL is now equipped with better instruments than ever before following its overhaul

Valair Maintenance AG – reliable partner for maintenance, servicing and reconditioning

After undergoing reconditioning, our HB-ZJL is already back in action as a filming helicopter. As expected, it looks as good as new following its complete overhaul. Furthermore, it has been retrofitted with the latest technology and is now equipped with better quality instruments than ever before.

Final sprint in assembly

In addition to the installation of a bladder tank (to prevent fuel leakages in the event of an accident) and improvements being made to the main rotor blades, a fuel flow was also installed. This instrument provides the pilot with additional data to help ensure a more economic and therefore more environmentally-friendly flight. When used consistently, this instrument can help reduce fuel consumption significantly.

From an operational point of view, the most important new instrument to be installed is the usage monitoring system (UMS). Our R44 HB-ZJL thus satisfies all the requirements set out by the aviation safety authorities for commercial passenger flights. Consequently, the HB-ZJL can also be used for CAT.POL.H. 305 operations (new EASA specifications concerning the use of landing sites).

The confirmation of the Operation Specifications certificate issued by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA), including the “Portable EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)” annex, marks the completion of the meticulously planned, forward-looking overhaul of our Robinson R44 Raven II HB-ZJL.

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