20. March 2018

The move to the new Heliport has been completed!

Visit our new premises at the Heliport Balzers

It was not always easy to prepare everything for the move and carry it out during the brisk day-to-day business. We are very happy indeed that we moved into our new domicile at the beginning of 2018.

Our new base ideally located at the gateway to the Alps is perfect for our helicopter services:

Sightseeing flights
The location at the gateway to the Eastern Swiss Alps offers a varied, breathtaking and unforgettable panorama  from the first minute of flight. Experience nature in its hues from the bottom of the valley to the peaks of the mountains from a bird’s-eye view aboard one of our helicopters.

Flight School / Mountain Training
The varied topography in the immediate vicinity of the heliport Balzers supports the efficient training future pilots. In only 20 minutes flying time you reach 11 mountain pads and you can start and land on 365 days from 6 am to 10 pm, ideal requirement for an efficient training.

The very functional and beautiful infrastructure of the largest and most modern helicopter base in Switzerland / Liechtenstein inspires our customers.

The Heliport Balzers is worth a visit – as a helicopter owner, beautiful, bright and modern hangar spaces with underground parking options are avaiable.

We are looking forward to your visit!



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