24. September 2018

Advanced Training for our Pilots

The Emergency and Safety Equipment Training (ESET) is compulsory for AOC pilots and must be refreshed every 3 years. Thanks to the extensive-experience in professional fire brigade of our employee Fredy Weibel Valair was able to complete the course internally. The objective was the following: Gain practical experience with all types of fire extinguishers and […] Read more
10. September 2018

Robinson Premiere – Overflight of a R66 turbine from California to Balzers

A novelty in the history of Swiss aviation and big eyes at Robinson Helicopter Company in Torrance (California). At the Robinson plant in Torrance, USA, it is common to package helicopters in multiple boxes and ship overseas to be reassembled in certified Robinson Maintenance operations before being handed over to the customer. It took a […] Read more
13. August 2018

“Pipeline Inspection” in Portugal

Gas-Pipeline Inspection flight in Portugal: 1’475 km Pipeline have been “leakages-checked” The overflight with R44 II HB-ZJL from Balzers to Lisbon took 10.5 hours with 4 refuelling stops. The inspection flights in Portugal laid us from south to north and from the Atlantic Sea shore to the border to Spain Demanding flight preparation Gas pipeline […] Read more
4. June 2018

Scenic flight through the Alps with glacier landing and aperitif

The aperitif on the glacier is offered by Valair AG. Please follow this link here for additional informations about the panoramic flight. Take profit from our offer valid until end of August 2018 – we look forward to welcoming you soon!   Read more
30. May 2018

R22 Overhaul after 2200hrs / 12 years

Robinson helicopters are completely overhauled when reaching 2200hrs or 12 years. This process includes all components installed beeing overhauled. The input strands (e.g., gearboxes, engine, clutch, etc.) are sent to the US manufacturer, Robinson Helicopter and overhauled there. In addition to the complete disassembly of the helicopter Valair AG carries out further full examination e.g. […] Read more
20. March 2018

The move to the new Heliport has been completed!

Visit our new premises at the Heliport Balzers It was not always easy to prepare everything for the move and carry it out during the brisk day-to-day business. We are very happy indeed that we moved into our new domicile at the beginning of 2018. Our new base ideally located at the gateway to the […] Read more
26. February 2018

A winter fairytale

Heli-Ski-Express The helicopter is ready on the Heliport in Balzers. Skis and Snowboards are quickly stowed away in the Ski-Basket. The passengers are looking forward to an eventful day. In just only 14 minutes by helicopter directly to the famous Ski Area “Weisse Arena” in Flims / Laax including day ticket for all cable cars […] Read more
31. January 2018

Valair at the WEF 2018

Between Super Pumas and Black Hawks… This year again, WEF participants from various states considered Valair’s time-saving, comfortable and cost-effective WEF helicopter transfer to Davos. As benefit we were able to offer our customers a first-class limo-service to bring the participants seamlessly and safely to their destination in Davos. The new WEF heliport “Lago” provided […] Read more
27. October 2017

Off to Balzers – Valair Helicopters moves to a new location

After 18 years in Sitterdorf (Thurgau), Valair Helicopters is relocating its centre of operations. The heliport in Balzers, Liechtenstein, has been a hive of construction activity this summer. Expansion work to turn it into a modern helicopter station is almost completed and Valair has already organised its relocation to the cloud free Sarganserland region. For […] Read more
10. October 2017

Aerial footage of the Vuichard Vortex Recovery in 5K quality.

The vortex ring state manoeuvre was filmed for the very first time, producing incredible footage that can be used for training purposes. What is the vortex ring state? The helicopter’s main rotor produces vortexes on the left and on the right, which come together to exert downwards pressure on the helicopter, pressing it down into […] Read more
27. September 2017

Live stream of aerial footage with 4G system

Usage has shown that network coverage inside the helicopter was excellent. Cost-efficient, simple solution thanks to the need for fewer personnel and less expensive equipment. The 4G system provides greater flexibility for data and locations. Viable alternative to standard methods (HF transmission) Down link antennae is quick and easy to assemble Valair thus offers a […] Read more
13. June 2017

The Swiss tour of high-voltage power lines

Inspection of high-voltage power lines throughout the Swiss Alps Our tour took us from Zurich over Western Switzerland, Valais, into Ticino and into Grisons. Once again, the Nufenen Pass presented a particular challenge, but the Robinson R66 Turbine proved its worth, even in this task, which is not one to be underestimated. Efficient and therefore […] Read more
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