11. March 2020

Portrait of our pilot

She’s going to the Matterhorn. Or in 20 minutes to the Hüfig Glacier in the Glarus Alps. There are only a handful of female professional helicopter pilots in Switzerland. Barbara Baumann is one of them and flies from Heliport Balzers for Liewo article from 08. March 2020 https:// Read more
5. February 2020

Valair is the official Robinson Dealership in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for more than 20 years

Since more than 20 years Valair offers its Robinson customers a broad array of services: Flight training, maintenance, purchase, financing and insurance. To date, approximately 70 Robinson helicopters are registered in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Read more
5. February 2020

Heli Expo 2020 in Anaheim California

The magneto circuits will soon be in the past The magneto circuits will finally be replaced by an electrical system. This field kit will soon be available for all Robinson Helicopters. Onboard camera In the future, all Robinson Helicopters will be outfitted with an onboard camera system in 4K quality and a storage capacity of […] Read more
4. February 2020

Our iceland crew for flight training in Switzerland

Our Iceland pilots have just completed their annual flight re-currency training with our chief flight instructor, Paul Campiche. The crew is ready for the upcoming season in Iceland. Read more
22. January 2020

R44 autopilot upgrade by Genesys Aerosystems

State-of-the-art helicopter autopilot system by Genesys Aerosystems. Increasing the safety margin by reducing the pilot’s workload. This technologically advanced autopilot system allows you to focus on the relevant tasks at hand. Read more
14. January 2020

Training days with Claude Vuichard

Following the Vuichard Safety Seminar, held in Balzers at the end of last November, the participants had the opportunity for a practical flight training with Claude Vuichard. The offer was actively taken up and all slots were quickly fully booked. The feedback from all participants, which hold a private- and commercial license, was tremendous. Claude […] Read more
3. December 2019

Claude Vuichard Safety Seminar

On the 29th and 30th of November we were proud to host Claude Vuichard in Balzers as lecturer of his Vuichard Safety Seminar. Next to the Valair staff, many more visitors, domestic and from abroad, attended the course. Claude Vuichard was a search and rescue pilot for Air Zermatt, inspector for the Swiss FOCA and […] Read more
27. November 2019

Valair flight school course notification

We would like to draw your attention to the following course: VFR Communications theory in English Date: 30.01.2020 – 20.02.2020 Time: 19:00 – 22:00 Registration possible until Monday, 6th of January 2020 Costs: CHF 980 (excl. Course material). Minimum of 4 participants required Place: Safety Wings AG, Gibel 2, 5037 Muhen Instructor: Gody Buchmüller Please […] Read more
26. November 2019

Valair flight instructor provides R66 training in Thailand

Valair flight school received the request of an air operator based in Bangkok, Thailand to provide flight training for its pilots on the R66. Time was of the essence as they needed their pilots rated as quickly as possible. All requirements, such as maintenance records and insurance policies, were carefully studied and our chief flight […] Read more
29. October 2019

R66 Turbine worldwide fleet reaches 1 million flight hours

As of today, more than 960 Robinson R66 Turbine helicopters roam the skies worldwide and have just passed the milestone of reaching 1 million flight hours. During this time not a single engine failure has been registered, making it one of the most reliable turbine helicopters on the market. Cost efficiency, reliability and the high […] Read more
29. October 2019

Claude Vuichard successfully completed the R66 type rating

Claude Vuichard, who served as an inspector for the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) for 25 years, competed the R66 type rating with Valair. Claude, who also flew members of Swiss federal council for many years, is the inventor the famous Vuichard-Recovery-Technique to escape from the hazardous vortex ring state. We are very […] Read more
13. August 2019

Laser measurement flights for three dimensional Swiss elevation model

Since mid-July our R66 HB-ZTL is performing measurement flights in Ticino. The R66 is equipped with a high-resolution laser scanner (LIDAR). A rotating laser-scanner scans the underlying terrain and, by measuring the run time, determines the elevation above ground. From the wealth of collected data, a high-resolution digital elevation model for swisstopo is derived. The […] Read more
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