16. February 2017

Exciting project with Swisscom at the skiing world cup in St. Moritz

When the snow becomes your canvas. During the alpine skiing world cup in St. Moritz, Swisscom created an unprecedented work of art in the snow in honour of the Swiss athletes.

Valair Helicopters had the honour of accompanying this unique project from the air and was commissioned to film the work of art – which was the same size as sixteen football pitches – with the Cineflex ULTRA camera in 4K quality.

Over 2,500 messages were posted by skiing fans. The best and funniest digital fan messages were cut into the snow with a custom-designed, GPS-guided robotic cutting unit, thus creating a unique piece of snow art.

Fitted with our Cineflex V14 ULTRA camera system, our R66 helicopter was in the air for four days to capture this unique and exciting project.

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