11. February 2016

Power line inspection with the Robinson R66 Turbine

Robinson R66 Turbine – the powerhouse also flies along power line routes

The entire electricity supply system in the state of Vorarlberg is to be patrolled with a state-of-the-art, four-sensor camera system mounted on the Robinson R66. The sensors capture corona (UV), infrared (thermal imaging), HD video and photos.

Control flight over the power line routes

Our HB-ZTL is the first Robinson R66 Turbine in the world to be used for the inspection of high-voltage power lines. Not because it is not suitable – quite the opposite in fact, this helicopter is hard to beat in terms of price and performance – but because of the EASA-certified camera mount that is required, that is, the frame that is used to attach the camera to the helicopter.

The number of camera brackets that have been certified for an R66 can be counted on one hand – and Valair Helicopters owns one of them! With the five-seater R66, we were also able to satisfy the client’s request to perform this challenging task with two pilots and two camera operators.

We would like to thank our clients for the order!

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