Night rating (NIT)

The night rating entitles a pilot to perform visual flights after dusk. This is also referred to as Night-VFR or short NVFR.

At the beginning of this training program a theoretical course is complete, where the peculiarities and hazards of flying at night are discussed. An emphasis is put on the adaptability of the human eye to darkness.

Within the next 6 moths after having completed the night flying theory, the required 5h of practical flight times are done. The flight time is split into a minimum of 3 flights to demonstrate different lightning condition of the celestial illumination.

The flight training not only includes off-site landings but ideally also an approach into Zurich airport. For a highlight for any helicopter pilot.

For prospective commercial pilots, the NIT-Rating is integrated into the CPL syllabus. For private pilots an additional 10h of flying under simulated instrument conditions are required, whereof 5h can be performed on a simulator.

Thanks to the good infrastructure of our heliport in Balzers, night flights are permitted up until 10pm local time. This means that the completion of this course is possible from early fall to mid-spring. This is a significant benefit, as many other locations do not allow flying after dusk or are strongly restricted.

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