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As an authorised Robinson dealer in Switzerland and with 20 years of experience operating Robinson helicopters, we are your partner for all of your questions regarding Robinson helicopters.

Are you thinking about buying a helicopter? We can provide you with the following services:

  • Advice about different models, help you work out an estimation of costs, expected maintenance costs, risks, financing options, taxes etc.
  • Look for and arrange financing options for you as well as finding parties who might be interested in a multi-party ownership deal
  • Help you choose the type of insurance and its specifics and evaluate your quotation
  • Take care of delivery to Switzerland, customs clearance and lawful importation
  • Assemble your machine in our Part 145 certified maintenance facility in accordance with the very highest quality standards and prepare it ready for you to use
  • Organise any potential retraining you might need

With over 4,500 models produced, the Robinson R22 is the most used helicopter worldwide for training purposes.

With 2 seats, it offers the perfect platform for basic training and is a cost-effective entry-level model for owning your own helicopter.

Product information
Price list R22

To date, more than 6,000 units of the R44 model have been produced and are in use all around the world. The Robinson R44 Raven II is currently the showpiece of Robinson’s helicopter fleet.

Thanks to its six-cylinder injection engine, a real rocket is hiding under the covers with almost 300 HP, which – in true Robinson spirit – is restricted to 205 HP when cruising and 245 HP for take-off and landing, so there’s plenty of power to spare for the reserve capacity, thus increasing reliability!

This helicopter is very versatile and can also be used for mountain landings; even at high altitudes, it still performs excellently.

With an air-conditioning system as optional, this is an outstanding and exceptionally cost-effective machine, perfect for even the most discerning pilot.

Product information
Price list R44 Raven II

The Robinson R44 Raven II is the perfect helicopter for efficient cruising. Thanks to the reliability of its engine and its excellent flight handling properties, it has won over countless members of the business world as a modern, efficient method of transport.

Private pilots are always delighted by the possibilities offered by the Robinson R44. Do you fancy spending a spontaneous weekend in Nice? Its spacious cabin offers plenty of room for four people to enjoy a pleasant cruise flight.

This aircraft is also the preferred choice from an investor’s point of view thanks to its low foreseeable maintenance costs and excellent resale value.

Product information
Price list R44 Raven I

Pilots and trade professionals alike are enthralled by the Robinson R66 Turbine – see for yourself and fly it with us!

The Robinson R66 Turbine is a five-seater helicopter with a large luggage compartment. The R66 helicopter is powered by an engine that has been specially designed for the R66 by Rolls Royce.

Technical data
  • Take-off Weight: 2700 lbs
  • Empty Weight: 1280 lbs
  • Max Fuel: (73.6gal) 493 lbs
  • Passanger & Baggage (with max fuel) 927 lbs
  • Cruise Speed: approx 120 Kts
  • Max Range (ohne Reserve): approx 325 Nm / 602 Km
  • Hover Ceiling IGE – über 10’000 ft
  • Hover Ceiling OGE – über 10’000 ft
  • Rate of Climb über 1000 fpm
  • Max. Operating Altitude 14’000ft


Standard Model: USD 839’000.- ab RHC / USA

Product information
Price listeisliste R66 Turbine

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