Cineflex ELITE

Cineflex ELITE with ARRI Alexa M Super 35mm camera
Valair and Cineflex ELITE: leaders in project experience and the use of cutting-edge technology

Our well-oiled team of project planners, Cineflex operators, producers and pilots have worked together for years, they understand each other intuitively and deliver images of breathtaking quality. It’s no surprise that Valair’s Cineflex crews have made a name for themselves internationally among television producers, documentary filmmakers and producers of advertising and industry films.

With Cineflex ELITE and the ARRI ALEXA-M Super 35mm camera, Valair uses the world’s most advanced, gyrostabilised camera system for capturing aerial footage. Versatile Canon lenses, exchangeable filters and the Codex Onboard recorders for ARRIRAW fully satisfy the needs of the modern film industry. The integrated gyroscopes guarantee a completely steady image, just as consumers are already accustomed to with the Cineflex V14 and which is to be expected these days.

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