Photography flights


Do you need a reliable partner who can enable you to take aerial photographs efficiently? We can offer you our experience in this field dating back to 1992 and an economic aircraft as well.

From photography flights to laser measurements – you can make the most of our premium-quality, certified equipment and the expertise of our pilots.

Special flights, measurement flights etc.

Thanks to the combination of maintenance work and flight operations, we have also accumulated a great range of experience in carrying out measurement and test flights with various different devices. With custom-made adapters and access to a range of different base supports, we have a wide range of assembly and transport options at our disposal.

Photography flights

Your flight will be with a professional pilot who has also completed an additional training qualification and has at least 500 hours of flying experience.

Vertical photography and measurement flights

We recommend ourselves for all types of measurement flights. With the exceptionally reliable Robinson R44 Raven II as the carrier for our vertical recording equipment, we give you the very highest quality photographic material at competitive prices.

It goes without saying that the correction of GPS-based flight routes and subsequent analysis are included in our services.

For more information, please contact our operations management team.

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