Cineflex ULTRA

Cineflex ULTRA with RED DRAGON camera
Valair and Cineflex ULTRA: cutting-edge technology – RED DRAGON and CANON 30-300 LENS

In 2007, Valair Helicopters became the first vendors to offer what is now known as the legendary Cineflex V14 on the Swiss market. Our next innovative step was to invest in the new Cineflex ULTRA 6K – again as the first vendors in Switzerland to do so – thus staying true to our philosophy of always providing our clients with the very latest in state-of-the-art technology.

With Cineflex ULTRA and the RED DRAGON, Valair uses the world’s most advanced, gyrostabilised camera system for capturing aerial footage. Versatile Canon lenses, exchangeable filters and Onboard recorders fully satisfy the needs of the modern film industry. The integrated gyroscopes guarantee a completely steady image, just as consumers are already accustomed to with the Cineflex V14 and which is to be expected these days.

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