Cineflex V14

Cineflex V14 film footage in Full HD
Valair and Cineflex V14: leaders in project experience, production quality and efficiency

Our well-oiled team of project planners, Cineflex operators, producers and pilots work together like Swiss clockwork to deliver images of breathtaking quality. It’s no surprise that Valair’s Cineflex crews have made a name for themselves internationally among television produces, documentary filmmakers and producers of advertising and industry films.

With the Cineflex V14, Valair uses the latest, most advanced gyrostabilised camera system in the world for recording images in high definition format. The integrated gyroscopes ensure a completely stabilised image, state-of-the-art electronics facilitate professional focussing on the subject and an extremely fast zoom from 9.7 to 840mm.

Mounted on our helicopter or chartered plane anywhere in the world, our gyrostabilised camera systems deliver high-definition video footage of incomparable quality at unbeatably good value for money.


Datenblatt Cineflex V14

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