27. April 2017

Valair Helicopters is granted EASA Part SPO approval

Valair SOPs (standard operating procedures) approved by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA). A risk analysis must be conducted for all high risk operations that Valair Helicopters carries out as part of their commercial aviation services, analysing and describing these operations. The latest European regulations also demand that the helicopters are to be […] Read more
16. February 2017

Exciting project with Swisscom at the skiing world cup in St. Moritz

When the snow becomes your canvas. During the alpine skiing world cup in St. Moritz, Swisscom created an unprecedented work of art in the snow in honour of the Swiss athletes. Valair Helicopters had the honour of accompanying this unique project from the air and was commissioned to film the work of art – which […] Read more
18. January 2017

Our HB-ZTL at the WEF in Davos

VIP transfers with the Robinson R66 Turbine – more comfortable than any Super Puma A state of emergency was declared for the Swiss military and helicopter companies during the week of the WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos. Wide-scale restrictions are in place for the airspace around Davos and comprehensive security measures have been implemented. […] Read more
20. December 2016

Extension of Zurich’s northern bypass

Progress of construction works documented with gyrostabilised Cineflex camera system and aerial photography The extension of Zurich’s northerly motorway bypass is probably the longest construction site in Switzerland and its true extent can only be appreciated from the skies. As a reliable partner – celebrating our 25th company anniversary next year – Valair AG is […] Read more
28. October 2016

The HB-ZJL is now equipped with better instruments than ever before following its overhaul

Valair Maintenance AG – reliable partner for maintenance, servicing and reconditioning After undergoing reconditioning, our HB-ZJL is already back in action as a filming helicopter. As expected, it looks as good as new following its complete overhaul. Furthermore, it has been retrofitted with the latest technology and is now equipped with better quality instruments than […] Read more
18. August 2016

First R66 Turbine with autopilot delivered

Valair AG – Licensed Robinson representative for Switzerland Switzerland’s first Robinson helicopter with autopilot has been delivered. Today, Hansruedi Amrhein, managing director of Valair AG, presented proud owner Hansruedi Keller with the keys to his new Robinson R66 Turbine. Equipped with the very best instruments, this helicopter is guaranteed to give its pilot a great […] Read more
24. June 2016

Our R44 HB-ZJL is sent for overhauling

Valair Maintenance AG – licensed for Robinson helicopters R66 Turbine, R44 and R22 At last, the HB-ZJL, R44 Raven II has achieved 2,200 hours of flight time and is thus due to be sent for a complete overhaul, as per the manufacturer’s requirements. Our EASA Part 145 certified maintenance organisation puts us in the comfortable […] Read more
31. May 2016

NRLA – the impressive project of the century

We have been documenting the progress of construction works with aerial helicopter footage since 2003. At long last, one of the most impressive examples of architecture in Europe and probably the whole world will open on June 1st 2016. What began in 1998 with a “Yes” from the Swiss people in a referendum and which […] Read more
25. April 2016

PDG – a legend is documented with Cineflex

Valair aerial filming – gyrostabilised aerial footage recorded with Cineflex ULTRA HD The Patrouille des Glaciers 2016 – a rollercoaster of emotions, for the competitors in particular, but also for us. The first race took place at the start of the week in glorious weather and with perfect conditions for both the athletes and for […] Read more
7. March 2016

The autopilot for the R66 Turbine is EASA-certified

Valair AG – the official Robinson representation of Switzerland We are very pleased to announce that, 14 months after certification was obtained from the FAA, EASA has also certified the autopilot for the R66 Turbine. The Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS autopilot system in combination with the Garmin G500H Avionics Display System is now available as an […] Read more
11. February 2016

Power line inspection with the Robinson R66 Turbine

Robinson R66 Turbine – the powerhouse also flies along power line routes The entire electricity supply system in the state of Vorarlberg is to be patrolled with a state-of-the-art, four-sensor camera system mounted on the Robinson R66. The sensors capture corona (UV), infrared (thermal imaging), HD video and photos. Our HB-ZTL is the first Robinson […] Read more
14. October 2015

Aerial footage shot in 4K with RED Dragon for the film “Gotthard”

Aerial filming in the Alps To celebrate the inauguration of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 the broadcasting company Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen produced a two-part fictional film in collaboration with Zodiac Pictures, co-produced by ZDF and ORF. The Cineflex and the RED Dragon in 4K configuration were used to capture the aerial footage. The […] Read more
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